RoofMart International, Inc.
Warranty Services



  • Documentation & Quality Assurance.


  • Assisting specifiers and contractors with RMI requirements for warranty approval and issuance.


  • RMI methodology is predicated upon a series of checks and balances to ensure that project requirements are met.


  • All parties should fully understand their obligations. Coverage is limited to waterproofing & coating systems manufactured by (RMI) unless otherwise specifically stated in the warranty.
  • Product performance depends on many factors. In order to warranty a specific application, the assurances, participation and defined liability of all responsible parties involved in both application and maintenance are necessary.
  • If a project requires additional coverage beyond terms of the RMI warranty, it is the Owner and Certified Contractor’s responsibility to prepare those individually and separately from the RMI warranty.

Key Points:

  • Multiple step documentation chronicling project and installation prior to issuing warranty.
  • One-on-one access to field service & warranty specialists.
  • No manufacturer sales representatives involved in service.